Harmony by Carolyn Parkhurst ~ #Fiction #Book #Review



This book is written by the author of the Dogs of Babel, and while it’s no masterpiece (it’s kind of an odd nut), it is a thought provoking glimpse into a family with a child on the autism spectrum, and the lengths they’ll go through to help their child in any way that they can.

The story is mixed with a large dose of humor. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, but I’m glad that I read this. I feel like I’ve gained a deeper level of understanding, and the thoughts expressed in the afterword provided a beautiful perspective. 4.5 stars!


Chasing Fireflies by Charles Martin ~ #Fiction #Book #Review



I almost bailed on this book. 25 pages in, I was overwhelmed by cars and sports and what seemed to be a book so geared towards men that testosterone was rising from the pages in waves. By 25% of the way through the book, though, I was so immersed in the story that it no longer bothered me that all the cars were named.

This is a story full of emotion, growth, and mystery. It’s about family, dads, and bonds. I’m really glad I read it. 5 stars!

The Girl from the Sea by Shalini Boland ~ Fiction Book Review

30333569I’d give the plot of this book an A, the execution a B-. Despite a fresh, original premise, the character’s internal dialogue was so repetitive at times that it was annoying. Even though most chapters ended with a tasty cliffhanger, I found that I could resist reading on and easily put the book down. Despite how good one layer of this book was, the other was lacking. The term juvenile repeatedly came to mind.

The book wasn’t bad. In fact, it was rather good. I just have no tolerance for a female lead who spends so much time worrying about man troubles. Although it was, in a way, part of the plot, the amount of thought spent on the subject did not add to or further the plot. I did enjoy the book, and the end was nice and twisty, just the way I like them. 4 stars.

Pig Island by Mo Hayder ~ Fiction Book Review

A thrilling mystery mixed with a dash of horror? At first, I wasn’t sure, but my opinion quickly changed to, “Yes, please!” This is a novel by Mo Hayder, after all, who, true to form, delivers a brutal tale that pushes the boundaries – it even made me look away from the pages in disgust once, which is no small feat!

I stayed up late several nights reading this book at supersonic speed, and the ending did not disappoint! Read closely, and you’ll even catch a pinch of the supernatural at the very end. Considering that one of the plot points of the book was to debunk the paranormal, this little inclusion, all too easily missed if you’re not paying close attention, makes the piece even better. Although this is a stand alone story, fans of Hayder’s Jack Caffery will probably love this one as well. 5 stars!