You by Caroline Kepnes ~ Fiction Book Review

You: A Novel by [Kepnes, Caroline]Um . . . so that just happened. Interesting. In the beginning, I thought it was addicting, but at times it became a bit much. I needed some space. This one was an interesting journey, definitely fresh, and I’m glad I read it. I think.

It’s hard to comment without giving anything away. It’s also hard to pinpoint what kind of readers to recommend this to. I’d classify it as a psychological thriller, heavy on the psycho. It was hard to put down in a sick, can’t look away from the mess type of way, so if you’re feeling adventurous, give this one a try. 4.5 stars!

Vostok by Steve Alten ~ Fiction Book Review

Vostok (MEG) by [Alten, Steve]This review pains me . . . a lot. Let me begin by saying that I love this author’s MEG series. And his stand alone, The Loch. (I think we all know by now that I love books where people get eaten – don’t judge). This book is supposed to be a crossover between the MEG books and The Loch – giant shark meets Loch Ness Monster, what could be better, right?

I feel duped. This was not at all what I was expecting. Neither beast reared its ugly head. Don’t get me wrong, there were beasties, and people did get eaten, but this book (SPOLIER ALERT) was more aliens and parallel dimensions and government conspiracies that Jurassic Park-esque goodness. It was pure sci-fi. I can’t help but feel that the author was capitalizing off the popularity of the other books to sell another novel and trick people into reading this, and that, sir, is a nasty trick. Not a bad book, but not what I thought I was buying, either. 3.5 stars.


Once Gone by Blake Pierce ~ Fiction Book Review

This is the first installment in the Riley Page Mystery Series by indie author Blake Pierce. Both the kindle and the audio version are free on Amazon, so if you’re looking to give a new author a try, you can sample this series at no cost!

The book was fast paced and kept my attention, but . . . some parts were a little too unbelievable. There were some inconsistencies in the plot, and some flat out errors that crawled under my skin and made me itch. Overall, the book could benefit from another round of editing, but I enjoyed it more than I was annoyed by it. 4 stars.

Right Behind You by Lisa Gardner ~ Fiction Book Review


Right Behind You by [Gardner, Lisa]#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Gardner’s newest book, Right Behind You, was released January 31st of this year, but – if since I’m lucky enough to live in the Mt. Washington Valley, I was able to get a copy, signed, in person, by the author herself January 30th at the book  launch, sponsored by local indie bookstore White Birch Books and hosted by Horsefeathers Restaurant, both located in North Conway, NH.

This is a yearly event, with those in the valley getting exclusive first access to Gardner’s latest book. Why? Because Gardiner, among other famous authors and artists, lives in the valley. Jealous? You should be! 😛

Bragging aside, if you haven’t read the book, you should definitely add it to your list! And although it’s been months since this book was released, please don’t think it took me that long to get around to reading it. On the contrary, I immediately devoured this fast paced, suspenseful thriller that left me breathless! 5 stars!