After Anna by Alex Lake ~ Fiction Book Review

After Anna by [Lake, Alex]This book had such an interesting and fresh idea that I wonder if part of my disappointment with it is that there were endless, ENDLESS!!!!, possibilities, but it seemed to follow what was probably the most predictable route.

My wild imagination envisioned so many great, crazy scenarios that I couldn’t wait to read. Unfortunately, I feel the author stayed in the box instead of braving new horizons. It also could have been a good bit shorter if some of the repetition in the main character’s train of thought was reduced. It was mildly annoying at times. Not a spectacular read, but fun. 4 stars.

The Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillan ~ Fiction Book Review

The Perfect Girl: A Novel by [Macmillan, Gilly]I really liked this author’s other book, “What She Knew”. It had a great twist that I never saw coming and impressed me enough that I gave this one a try when I came across it and recognized the author’s name.

This book was good, but it pales in comparison to the other. It felt mundane and erred on the side of the predictable. The characters weren’t as vivid. The stakes didn’t feel as high. That sense of ‘wow’ and breathlessness that her other book left me with was completely absent here. It was good, but not in the way that makes you take notice and remember the author’s name. 4 stars.

Paper Towns by John Green ~ YA Fiction Book Review

Paper Towns by [Green, John]John Green can write. I don’t think anyone disputes that. He creates characters that feel authentic and real, but this book left me severely underwhelmed. I’ve never read another book that won the YA Edgar Award, but I can’t help but feel like the bar may be pretty low after reading this ‘winner’.

This book wasn’t a total waste of time, it’s a good coming of age story that held my interest, but it pales in comparison to Green’s other books that I’ve read, and the ‘mystery’ left me wondering about my definition of mystery. I suppose that maybe his other books set my expectations too high. 3.5 stars.

Dead Souls by Angela Marsons ~ Fiction Book Review

Dead Souls: A gripping serial killer thriller with a shocking twist (Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller Series Book 6) by [Marsons, Angela]There’s nothing like a D.I. Kim Stone thriller to get me out of a reading slump! I didn’t like this one quite as much as the others in the series, the author shook the characters up a bit and took them out of their comfort zone, which changed the dynamics in a way I didn’t quite like, but I still sped through this so quickly that my fingertips feel blistered and my Kindle screen is getting a worn spot!

Love the characters, the mystery, the action, and the way all the pieces always fit together so perfectly in the end! 5 stars!