Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson ~ Fiction Book Review

Her Every Fear: A Novel by [Swanson, Peter]This author’s The Kind Worth Killing was fantastic. Like, super awesome, wish I had written it first fantastic, even though it lost the teeniest bit of steam in the end. In this one, the author mastered suspense and atmosphere. If felt like reading a Hitchcock movie. The characters felt vivid, the dialogue rang true, but at the same time, as good as certain aspects of the book was, it felt off. To be totally honest, it felt formula.

It lacked the raw, gritty, even the author didn’t see it coming until he wrote it surprise. In other words, it was predictable. Not quite boring, but it definitely lacked the organic thrills and suspense of the other. I will refrain from mentioning the other book written by this author because I hated it. One love, one hate, and one just the bright side of meh.) 3.75 stars.

Truly, Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty ~ Fiction Book Review

Truly Madly Guilty by [Moriarty, Liane]Hmmm. My first introduction to Liane Moriarty was the book “Big Little Lies”, which I seem to remember really enjoying. This is the fourth book I’ve read by Moriarty now, and I’ve got to say, I have mixed feelings about her books.

She seems to rely on a heavy dose of foreshadowing, teasing the reader along so that they have to stick around long enough to find out what it is that all the drama and worry is about. It’s gotten rather annoying. Then you, the reader, finds out, and there’s a certain, “That’s what all the fuss was about???” kind of feeling. But you keep reading. Because, by then, you’re just vested enough in the characters that the intricately woven web of human nature, cause and reaction, the humanity that she weaves keeps that book in your hand and your butt in the seat until it’s all worked out.

Part of me hates it. I feel tricked and duped by her evil little ploy. Yet, I find myself unable to put it down until I find out how it’s all worked out. It’s a sickness, really. Each time I tell myself I’ve read my last Moriarty book. But I always end up coming back for more. 4 stars and a woeful head shake (whether at myself or the author, I do not know).