Gone Again by Doug Johnstone ~ Fiction Book Review


18888722This fast paced, action-packed thriller was fresh and well written. Although certain parts were a little unrealistic and far fetched, I enjoyed the tension the author built as this mystery unraveled.

The first half is strong, fueled by a high octane search for the truth. The second half is a bit weaker, but the characters felt well developed and strong, the turmoil of their relationships and interactions felt genuine, and if the adventure was a bit campy at times, it was easy enough to overlook with an eye-roll and keep reading.

All in all, I enjoyed this quick read. 4 stars.

The Dare by Hannah Jayne ~ Mystery Fiction Book Review

23102014I’ve read a book by author Hannah Jayne before, and after reading a second, I’ve got to say that this author is one to watch! Her twisty, suspenseful mysteries centered around YA characters are big on thrills and chills.

The books may be a bit melodramatic at times, but hey, I remember being a teenager, and most of the time, it works. Ms. Jayne is a master of creating a dark, creepy atmosphere for a reader to escape to for a while. Best of all, while I had suspects and suspicions, I wasn’t completely sure what was real and what wasn’t until the end. There were a couple of loose ends left frayed and unexplained, but the bottom line is that I really enjoyed this book. 4.5 stars!

The Mutual Admiration Society by Lesley Kagen ~ Fiction Book Review

30627966This book was cute. Like, super cute. As in sugary sweet, warm and toasty hugs cute. I’m not usually big on cozy mysteries, but this one kept my attention with its feisty preteen characters and heavy dose of humor. 

The main character was extremely well developed – the author had a true sense of who this girl was, her motivations, her fears, her worries – so I wasn’t surprised to discover that this is a reoccurring character in this author’s books. Very good news for the next time I’m looking to read something quick, cute, and maybe even a bit uplifting.

4 stars and a recommendation for fans of cozies without cats!

Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott ~ Fiction Book Review

20894857This one was a tasty little thriller. I don’t know if I would call it a mystery or not – certainly there were mysteries within the story, and the outcome was unknown – but the suspense and tension in this book were created more by what the reader did know than what they didn’t.

There were a couple of aspects that were a bit unlikely, and some that were downright obvious to the reader but not the oblivious main character, but I’ve found that true with most stories I’ve read lately, and it is a work of fiction, after all. Suspending belief is part of the fun.

I had a hard time putting this book down during certain parts of the fast paced plot. It was a pleasure to move this story from the ‘unread’ to the ‘read’ collection on my Kindle after it sat there, ignored, for so long. 4.5 stars!