Remember Me by Lynda Renham ~ Fiction Book Review

34680319This was a twisty little mystery. The author is purposely ambiguous at times, shrouding the truth in shadows, leaving the reader wondering – which character is visiting the shrink? And which character is truly crazy?

This might not be the freshest story line, but the author did a good job keeping it from feeling too familiar to the reader. That said, I didn’t really like any of the characters, and there was only a couple of paths the story could travel along, so, despite the author’s efforts to create enough red herrings to keep a sense of mystery, I felt the truth was obvious a little too early early in the plot. The question of how the characters would deal with the truth was not as interesting (to me, at least), as what was really going on. If the author had kept me in the dark a bit longer, I would have enjoyed the story more. That said, I did like and would recommend the book. 4 stars.

Silent Child by Sarah A. Denzil ~ Fiction Book Review

33984070This book was dark. And creepy. The type of story that makes the reader squeeze their eyes shut and remind themselves that in this instance, the story they’re reading is (thankfully) fiction.

The premise was fresh – I didn’t feel like this was a re-telling of a story I’ve read a dozen times. The writing was good. And, despite the subject matter, this mystery was enjoyable.

This is one of those stories where the reader has to ask themselves what they would do in the same situation, only to determine that there are no clear, easy answers.

I’m not sure I’ll search out another book by this author, but this one was worth reading. 5 stars.

Broken Bones by Angela Marsons ~ Fiction Book Review

35940014Another fantastic installment in the D.I. Kim Stone series! After reading the previous 6 books, it wasn’t a surprise, but it’s always a bit of a relief when an awesome author continues to deliver.

In this book, the author continues to develop and expand the boundaries of the team of characters while simultaneously weaving an intricate web of mystery. The reader delves deeper into D.I. Kim Stone’s past and feels a bit more of her pain (both past and present) as she is dealt yet another shocking blow.

As always, I find myself anxiously awaiting the next book in the series. More, please! 5 stars!

In the Waning Light by Loreth Anne White ~ Fiction Book Review

25882482Wow. I really enjoyed this book. Awesome suspense, nail breaking tension, and the stakes felt desperate and high while reading this roller coaster of a mystery. It was much better than I expected.

The writing was excellent. The characters were well developed, authentic, and relatable. The author did an excellent job with the setting, creating a moody atmosphere that envelopes the reader and draws them into the pages with fine fingers of spooky mist, leaving them lost in a fog of mystique. Then, she expertly guides them through to the other side, leaving them both satisfied and yearning for more.

Can’t wait to read more by this author. 5 stars!