The Silent Girls by Eric Rickstad ~ Fiction #BookReview

23488202This book bursts out of the gate at a full sprint, and doesn’t let up as surprise after surprise confronts the reader. There were times when I had no idea who to suspect (and I’m suspicious by nature – I usually suspect everyone!), and I found myself shocked (in a good way) a time or two.

The premise of this book felt fresh and interesting. I wasn’t a huge fan of the protagonist, but I didn’t dislike him, either. The characters were well developed and the writing was strong.

This is definitely an author to watch. There’s a touchy subject (abortion), but if you’re okay with that (it’s fiction, after all), this is also a book to add to your reading list. 5 stars!

The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma~ YA Book Review

22859565This book was strange. While the basic premise wasn’t the freshest, what the author did with it kind of was. By just adding a few oddities, the author took an old trope and made it feel new. And fun.

This story has a little bit of everything thrown into the pot. Murder. Mayhem. Ballerinas?????

Add a dash of a girl’s correctional facility and a dollop of the supernatural, and you’ve got yourself (or I’ve got myself) something I’ve never read before. With a base of good writing, pacing, and suspense, that makes this book a tasty dish to this reader. Definitely not going to suit everyone’s pallet, but I enjoyed it. 4.5 stars!

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson ~ YA Book Review

16109340There was something kind of beautiful about this book. There were some things that were pretty silly and hokey, too, but those things didn’t really diminish the beauty. And while the book is probably best described as Young Adult, I feel it speaks to a broader audience.

When you break down through the walls of drama, growing pains, teen angst, grief, and everything else going on in this story, this book is about finding yourself. And how easy it is to lose yourself. And the importance of forgiveness. It’s about the fragile line that we all walk during the course of our day to day lives, and how easily one choice or decision can spiral out of control – or makes things right. It’s both complex and simplistic; therein lies the beauty. 5 stars!



Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas ~ Mystery Book Review

33411558This book was well written and interesting. The pacing was good, with a pervading sense of creepiness throughout the pages. The author placed a couple of good red herrings, yet also marked the trail to the reveal with plenty of deeply seeded hints.

That said, it’s been done before. The plot, that is. I kept waiting for some great turn of events to fishtail the reader’s investigation (because that’s what we do while reading mysteries, right?) in a completely different direction. But it never happened. The theory I postulated early on became fact. I would have preferred a wilder end to this piece of fiction. It’s definitely worth reading, but I wish the author had written a fresher ending that didn’t feel so overdone. For that, I give it 4 stars.