(More) Adventures in Pumpkin Carving

3d-dinosaur-pumpkin-carving.jpg (600×450):

Every year when I see those big, round, orange pumpkins hit the stores, I feel so happy. I have such big plans for what I’m going to carve. Intricate masterpieces, works of art, carvings that are downright spooky!

Pumpkin Carving:

Yet every year, that nasty, horrible thing called adulthood takes over. So many things to do, so little time, and the procurement of said pumpkins gets put off time and again until it’s the last minute and I only manage to get some decent gourds because I have unnaturally large arms and can reach the gems hiding deep in the center of the pulpy, rotting orange mass. Sigh.

Dinosaurs800x600_zps61cbff5f.jpg (800×533):

This year I didn’t scoop and carve until the night of Halloween itself. It was late, I was tired, and instead of enjoying what is one of my favorite once a year pastimes, I just wanted to get it over with. Double sigh.
It’s time to get kraken!… and carvin’!!!!:

So now that I’ve shown you all the awesome carvings in all their pumpkin glory that I wanted to do, it’s time to reveal my (lame excuse for a) jack o’lantern, while diverting your attention by telling you how it’s really quite a calculated move because I saw a picture of a moose eating a pumpkin and I figured that a moose wouldn’t be able to resist eating a pumpkin with a moose carved in it, so it’s all a part of my evil plan bwahaha. (Did you buy that story? Yeah, I didn’t either.) Once again, my dreams of pumpkin carving splendor must wait until next year.


More Adventures in Pumpkin Carving

pump4Every year I promise myself that I’m going to carve out more time to create a pumpkin masterpiece, and every year it gets harder just to find twenty minutes to get it done. I buy the pumpkins. A few days later, I’ll scoop them. And a few days after that, I finally manage to wrangle my husband into a chair, make him pick what he wants to carve, and draw the pattern for him.

pump5The funny thing is, once I get him in the pumpkin carving frame of mind, he becomes much more ambitious about the project, and is willing to dedicate more time to it than me. Each year I pick the pattern that I want to do – the one I would carve if I had more of that nonrenewable resource called time. Then I pick a sad imposter that takes much less time and effort, and carve that.

pump1pumpThis year, I wanted to carve a kraken. Don’t ask me why, I was going to go with Sloth from Goonies, but I woke up with my mind filled with awesome images of a kraken wrapping long, murderous tentacles around a pirate ghost ship, slowly dragging it down to the depths of the sea, never to be seen again. What I ended up carving was an angry octopus 😦

pump2pump3My husband decided to go with a headless horseman. So I drew a template for him, and he went to work. He ended up creating a masterpiece that puts my angry octopus to shame. He’s won his gloating rights, and I’ll have to wait until next year to reclaim my best in show pumpkin carving glory. I suppose it serves me right, but you better believe that it’s all the motivation I need to bring my A-game next year.

Pumpkin Carving Adventures

It’s my favorite season of year and as usual there’s a shortage of time to enjoy it. Every October I continue to insist wppumpkin3on carving pumpkins. Even though it turns into a stressful orange cloud hanging over my head, I still somehow strangely enjoy the process. I
buy two, scoop them out, then struggle to find the time to wppumpkincarve them. This year is no different. I managed to get them done at the last moment.

Every year I also pick the image I would carve if I had the time, skill, and patience to create it. The celtic horse is this year’s winner.


Adventures in Pumpkin Carving!



Halloween is my favorite holiday. I can’t help but love it. It’s a time for candy, dressing-up, and letting your inner child out for some fun. For me, Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without carving a pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving is a form of art. I’ve tried improving my skills over the years. I’ve spent hours looking at some of the spectacular creations that some people make with pumpkins. I want to be one of those people.



Last year I carved a Gremlin in reminiscence of the 80s movie I enjoyed as a kid. I also was the ‘artist’ behind this pumpkin featuring the creepy puppet featured in the SAW movies.



In 2011 I was so proud of my JAWS pumpkin – until people kept asking me what it was. Apparently it’s not as easy to see as I thought.


And the year before that, I made a werewolf. My dogs chose that one.

This year I wanted to do something grand! Something fantastic! I narrowed it down to three options – a cobra, a Tyrannosaur, and a shark.  I chose the shark, since my JAWS pumpkin failure left me feeling a little blue. I spent an hour lightly drawing my design onto my pumpkin. I don’t use a stencil, I look at a picture online and freehand the design. Maybe that’s my problem.


I was really excited, because this year I was choosing a pattern that required both carving and peeling – removing the outer orange skin layer of the pumpkin, but not cutting entirely through it. It’s a way of creating shading for a more 3D, detailed design. This is the shark image I chose.


I failed, however, to realistically consider my time constraints. It had taken me a week to get around to gutting my pumpkin. Then another 5 days to sketch it out. Now, my time was up, and I had very little time left to actually carve the pumpkin. I HAD to get it done before Halloween. But, thinking over my schedule, I had only about a ½ that I could dedicate to my creation. It’s not something I can multitask, like typing a blog on my phone while in line at the grocery store. So, much to my dismay, this is my last minute masterpiece.

I promise myself, next year…..